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Give Thanks: Reasons To Be Thankful

Thanksgiving is upon us and while I am excited to eat some good food and have some much needed, well deserved time off from work, this is truly a time to gather with family and loved ones and remind myself of all the many things I have to be thankful for.

Throughout the year, day in and day out, it is easy to get caught up in the world and forget about what is most important. It is even easier to look at those around us and play the comparison game and focus on what we may not have and lose sight of all the many things we do have.

When I think about why I am thankful, I immediately think about the people in my life. I mean, yes I am thankful for my job, and money to provide for myself and all of the nice things that I have, but the people in my life are what matter the most to me. Recently, my mom and I had a conversation about being rich in spirit, and that has been sitting with me since. Money and material things are all nice and great to have, but nothing in this world will top be…
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The Survival Guide: Office Holiday Parties

Holiday time in the office is always so great. The company Christmas tree. The Christmas music. Everyone is excited for their travel plans and family time. And of course, we cannot forget the numerous holiday parties and luncheons taking place between November and December. It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Whether you're new to a company's holiday culture or a veteran in the game, company holiday gatherings can be a bit overwhelming if you have multiple to attend and keep up with. From planning, attending, and adding your name the potluck sign up sheet, it is very easy to get events confused while trying to keep up with party planners and ensure that you're taking a dish that everyone will enjoy.

Check out the following tips to get you thru the holiday parties this year!

Join a Committee  Believe it or not, joining a committee is a great way to get involved and excited for the holiday office party. Whether it be decorating, catering or cleaning, lending a helpi…

Self Care Sunday: The Little Things Matter Most

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Self Care? It may be enjoying nature and the outdoors, treating yourself to a massage or even taking a little weekend getaway or joining a workout class. While all these practices are great, the most necessary kinds of Self Care can be done in the comfort of your own home.
While all these practices are great, the most necessary kinds of Self Care can be done n the comfort of your own home. Self Care doesn't always have to be elaborate, expensive, or done outside of the most important place in your life - your home. At home is actually where Self Care starts and should be practiced the most. There are so many necessities at home that help prepare us for the outside world. Believe it or not, every day chores and tasks such as laundry, a soothing hot shower, organizing, cooking meals that you love and even getting quality sleep are all self care practices. Creating a routine to set aside time and focus on these little thi…

Being Yourself and Winning

2017 has been a year of victory for many women in the spotlight. We've watched Issa Rae go from being an Awkward Black Girl to an Emmy nominated CoverGirl, Cardi B make history on the charts and Auntie Maxine Waters reclaim her time and ensure her voice - and the voice of the community - is heard. More importantly, we've watched these women and countless others make these strides while being themselves and staying true to who they are.
In the age of RTs and double clicks for likes, it is very hard to be yourself without the worry of facing judgement. One wrong post and one could face harsh ridicule, criticism and even online bullying. It's even harder when you're trying to chase your dreams in the public eye. Everyone is watching what you do, say and post extremely closely and, unfortunately, people will highlight the bad more than they praise the good you have going on. Despite all of this, it is very important to stay true to who you are.
Take Cardi B for e…

Fall Favorites That I'm Ready For!

via GIPHY It's that time of year again! Every year I am excited for Summer weather for about a moth and before I know it,  I am counting down to the days when I will be able to wear over-sized sweaters, eat bowls of warm goodness and watch the leaves go thru a dramatic change. It's safe to say I have had Fall Fever since about July 4th and boy am I ready for the season to take it's full affect.

There are so many favorites that I have already started enjoying. Check them out below!

Bowls of soup and chili

Oh yes, soup! From chilli, to chicken noodle, broccoli cheddar and a spicy gumbo, I love a big bowl of comfort food. While one can eat soup in the summer months (I'm sure Panera Bread didn't miss a beat), nothing compares to soup in the fall. Kick off the season by dusting off the Crock Pot - or finally buying one - and trying out some amazingly easy recipes! This year I plan on mastering white bean chicken chilli. Yum!
Booties, combat, thigh hi…

Self Care Sunday: Staying Positive No Matter What

via GIPHY Positivity. The practice of being or the tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude. In other words, the power of not allowing life's BS to get you down and keep you there.

Let's face it, every day is not filled with rainbows and butterflies. Often times, it can feel like a dump truck came and dropped all of its...crap all over you and left you to deal with the mess. That mess can weigh you down, attract more mess, and before you know it you're buried in...crap, with no idea of how to get out of it or how it got there in the first place.

So, how do you navigate through life without letting the bad bring you down and keep you in a funk?


I have found many ways to not allow the bad in life over rule the good. These small practices help me stay positive, happy and optimistic even though the hardest situations. Check them out!

Shift Your Focus
via GIPHY Believe it or not, we have control over our thoughts, feelings and our attitude. Keeping the…

Glowing Up and What It Means to Me.

Glow Up.

What does that mean?

On this week’s episode of The Friend Zone (@FriendZonePod, twitter), my favorite podcast hosts talked openly about what it means to glow up. It was a conversation that I wish I was present for because it is a topic that I am passionate about. Hell, one of the purposes of my blog is to encourage myself and others to grow and glow! But, what exactly does that mean? Fran (The Friend Zone & challenged listeners to think about and write down what it means to glow up and I was so excited to  take on this assignment, that I thought I’d share!

To me, glowing up is about growth and how you feel inside.

Yes, glowing up could be physical or financial – all of which Fran, Dustin and Assante mentioned (I was at my desk giving them high fives in my head lol) – but what good is having all of that if you don’t feel good on the inside?

About two years ago I decided that I wanted to feel better. Not because I looked good, or had a man, or loads of money…